Years 7 & 8

We strongly believe in the benefits of the full preparatory phase with transfer to senior school at 13+ for boys. We are completely focused on this age range and are able to guide, nurture and support the boys through the transition to senior schools. We believe that staying in our child centred environment beyond Year 6 offers the opportunity for every boy to develop at his own pace and allows for a greater sense of achievement and responsibility. 

Boys have traditionally transferred to senior schools at thirteen because adolescent growth tends to come later. They become the eldest in the school and are afforded responsibility and the opportunities for teamwork and leadership at an age when they can become responsible citizens. In Year 7, they feel more confident learning and applying skills, maintaining self-control and dealing with peer competition.

In Year 7 and 8 our boys thrive in small classes, have time to become more confident learners, apply their skills, maintain self-control  and their ability to memorise and think logically improves. We provide a child-centred environment so that each boy can develop at his own pace and acquire a greater sense of achievement and responsibility. Their learning is aligned and primarily focused to Common Entrance or a Scholarship syllabus. We help all our pupils to develop confidence, self-awareness and  empathy so that they leave us as well-rounded and resilient children  prepared for the journey ahead.

With a broad range of abilities, our pupils achieve well above national expectations and many gain academic awards to some of the most respected schools in the country.  

Additional Benefits of Years 7 & 8

  • Excellent subject specialist teaching which academically stretches, challenges, and provides public examination experience across the subject range
  • Smaller class sizes with setting in English and Mathematics
  • Study skills, time management development, and the foundations of GCSE
  • Mathematical Challenges
  • Townsend Warner History Competition
  • SATIPS General Knowledge Challenge
  • Debating Competitions
  • French inter-school Play
  • Richmond Library Cover Story Competition
  • A broad programme in Sport, Music, Art and Design Technology