Children automatically transition from the Pre-Prep into the Preparatory School in Year 3 and careful consideration is given to placing them in one of three mixed ability classes. In Year 3, pupils are based very much in their classroom with their class teacher but they are taught certain subjects like DT, music, art, ICT and games by a specialist teacher. As they move up through the school, they are taught more by subject specialists.

Children will remain in these class groups until the end of Year 6, when the girls sit their examinations and move on to senior school. In the final two years of the school, the remaining boys are placed in small classes and follow a syllabus aligned towards Common Entrance. Some of our senior boys may sit scholarship examinations for their chosen senior schools but our focus is to ensure that children of all academic abilities gain places at schools of their choice. We prepare them well, not just academically but socially too, so that when they leave us they are pleasant, well-balanced children who look forward with confidence to the next challenges that lie ahead in their lives.

During Year 6, we enjoy watching our girls flourish and develop more self-confidence. Their emotional and social understanding develops and their self-awareness sharpens. They clearly demonstrate enthusiasm for the next stage of their learning and are able to apply themselves effectively in readiness to move on. Their lessons are focused towards the 11+ entrance preparation and they gain confidence from an innovative Leavers’ Programme which helps them prepare for the challenges ahead. Following their pre-tests in Year 6, our boys benefit from a further two years at the school during which they assume greater responsibilities. Opportunities for teamwork  and leadership stimulate their  development and readiness for the  next step.

Our emphasis on a broad curriculum ensures that we recognise and nurture pupils' talents and that they have experienced opportunities to be successful in every subject.