School Day

During the the school day, Nursery children will discover and learn through a variety of engaging activities and play which support the key areas of the EYFS curriculum and include:

Below are some of the activities in which we engage children to ensure that these themes are developed:


  • Quiet corners
  • Story time
  • Role play 
  • IT opportunities to record as a constant

Physical Development

  • Den building 
  • Climbing equipment 
  • Balance equipment
  • Using natural resources where possible

Holistic Development

  • Social stories groups
  • Opportunities to have listening rooms
  • Sharing ideas and peer evaluations

Order & Routine

  • Assemblies
  • Class sharing
  • Snack times
  • Lunch times
  • Play routines
  • Timetables indicated visually

Creativity & Sensory Experiences

  • malleable play
  • messy play with natural environments (sand, mud, pond areas, welly walks)
  • gutter tracks, tyres and planks

Awe and Wonder

  • Outside and inside opportunities to make, prove and disprove hypotheses
  • Opportunities to explore, predict and discover