Our Nursery School philosophy is underpinned by the distinctive and unique Newland House brand providing a gentle but stimulating, balanced and seamless introduction to starting school. Children benefit from our established expertise and passionate, supportive and individual teaching approach. The nursery provides them with time to explore, discover and grow whilst becoming accustomed to everyday routine within a safe and nurturing environment. Our philosophy and aims are centred on the following themes:


We provide sensitive, high quality care to ensure that children feel nurtured and free to learn in a compassionate and secure environment.

We develop close partnerships with parents and by carefully supporting children’s emotional needs and encouraging them to make friends, they begin to understand their role within our community.

We gently introduce routine, respect for others and set moral values in preparation for starting school. We build confidence and ensure that children are settled and ready for the next stage of their journey.


We fully embrace the EYFS curriculum to ensure that children learn creatively, physically and socially and enjoy exploring and learning about their world.

We capture children’s attention through imaginative approaches to teaching the key areas of learning and development and extend their knowledge beyond the possibilities of the EYFS curriculum.  


We promote curiosity and a sense of wonder throughout the curriculum by providing children with time to explore, delve into and unravel how things work. By investigating everyday things and exploring nature they become intrigued and learn without realising that they are.


We believe that creativity is fundamental to children’s discovery of the world around them. By providing opportunities to explore and learn through creative play and activities which absorb their thinking we help to develop a thirst for understanding and learning.