Head's Welcome

Chris Skelton, joined the school in September 2019 and is the Head of Newland House. He has an excellent breadth of experience from his previous positions as the Academic Deputy Head at Newton Prep and the Pastoral Deputy Head at Dulwich College Junior School.

I am often asked by prospective parents what a Newland House education looks like. For many years, Newland House has been known as a relatively traditional prep school and there are many qualities which we seek to develop in our pupils that could be categorised in this way.

Our pupils are respectful of others, polite and want to do their best and these are good examples of the virtues that we actively celebrate and encourage. What the school does really well though, is preserving these traditional values whilst being innovative and forward thinking in terms of our curriculum offering. 

How education needs to empower children to enable them to be successful in the future could be considered a matter of speculation, but we believe that there are some fundamental skills that they will need, regardless of the direction the world takes. These include the abilities to be adaptable, to think critically, to collaborate effectively and to communicate clearly. We do not assume our children will simply develop these qualities through some kind of educational osmosis, but rather we actively teach these skills within lessons and through the extensive range of extra-curricular opportunities that we offer. 

Mr Skelton leads all school Welcome Events and is also available to meet with prospective parents via a bespoke appointment. Arrange your visit today. 

Head's News

An Interview Mr Skelton.

Chris Skelton, Head of Newland House School

I believe that the core business of a school, in providing excellent teaching and maximising the learning opportunities that children have, will ensure that they all at least reach and many exceed their potential, and that this should be right at the heart of everything that is done.