Curriculum Enrichment

Within the curriculum, learning across all subjects is enhanced and becomes more interactive through a variety of subject specific visitors, events and challenges. We provide a diverse Leavers’ Programme which includes interactive and collaborative life-skills workshops and experiences. We also organise external activities and day trips to reinforce our children’s learning in an exciting and engaging way.

Extra-Curricular Clubs

By providing a range of different extra-curricular activities our children are encouraged to seize opportunities to develop their existing interests and discover new ones. Sporting, musical, creative and intellectually stimulating activities are aimed at building our pupils’ self-confidence, self-esteem and create another dimension to their personalities. We offer more than 60 activity clubs which take place at the beginning and end of the school day or at lunchtime, offering a diverse range of activities and something to appeal to every child. We also utilise the expertise of local professionals to complete our impressive variety of clubs including basketball, ballet and chess. 


Travel presents an excellent opportunity for children to broaden their horizons, experience different cultures and peoples, learn to live together with friends outside the home environment and have a great deal of fun too. The school provides many opportunities for children to travel overseas and also within the UK. They  also participate in outward bound UK educational residential trips and inspiring overseas Choir, Cricket, Skiing, French, Greek and History tours. Most school trips are well established and operate on a regular basis.

We place a strong emphasis on enriching our curriculum to enrich the academic, artistic and physical elements of learning. Extra-curricular opportunities are offered at many levels and help our pupils to extend their learning and acquire essential life and interpersonal skills which cannot be acquired from the classroom environment alone. Learning about time management, making a positive commitment, learning to contribute and to understand the concepts of democracy helps them on the journey to becoming  successful adults. 

Clubs & Trips