We have provided our compassionate, compelling and distinctive style of Preparatory education to Newland House pupils for more than 120 years. We offer tradition and reliability, yet embrace and explore new concepts. We have experience and expertise but do not stand still, and we are coeducational because we believe it provides a more instinctive and natural foundation for learning.

Aims & Values


We aim to provide a curriculum that is both broad and balanced, and which encompasses the academic, artistic and physical elements so fundamental to the development of the whole child.

We create high standards of learning for all our children in a caring and supportive environment and encourage them to achieve their full potential in everything they do.


We encourage our pupils to participate in the diverse opportunities we offer so that they enjoy an enriched school life, develop a sense of belonging and feel part of our community.

We strive to promote the importance of pupils’ self-esteem and emotional well-being, and believe that the partnership between home and school is crucial to develop confident and caring children.


We strive to promote enquiring
minds and build on pupils’ strengths, interests, and experiences to ensure
that each child is valued for the
talents and ideas they bring to the school.

We believe that through inspirational learning, children will question the world around them and discover their own hidden passions.




We aim to help our pupils become caring, responsible individuals who will contribute positively to our community and wider society.

We value
and celebrate their many individual achievements and expect pupils to appreciate and support the success of others. We invest in their future to help our pupils join their senior schools as confident, rounded individuals, ready to fulfil their potential.

We help to ensure they leave us with rewarding memories, self-belief and a strong moral compass.