Pre-Prep Curriculum

'Pupils’ written language across the school is of a very high standard and shows clear development as they progress through the school.'

Independent Schools Inspectorate, Inspection 2022

Curriculum by Year

Topics Studied by Term

Specialist Lessons

Pre-Prep pupils also benefit from complementary specialist teaching and all children enjoy music lessons embracing dance, movement, simple percussion and singing.

PE :The children have two sessions of PE per week and these are rotated between games, gymnastics and dance. Our specialist PE teachers teach from a set of bespoke skills, scaffolding the children's learning througout their time at the Pre-Prep.

Music: The children have two music lessons and a singing assembly every week. These lessons include dance and movement, singing and action songs using untuned percussion instruments.

French: Once a week the children are introduced to French through songs, rhymes and games.

ICT: The children in Years 1 and 2 use the ICT Suite at the Prep School and are taught from a set of bespoke skills.