Balanced Minds

We believe that every subject in our curriculum is academic and that children can be equally academic in creative arts, technology and sport as they can in English or Mathematics. We provide an extensive and balanced curriculum which is vital for stimulating young, enquiring minds and which gives equal opportunity for the musician, artist or sportsman to become as valued as a linguist and scientist.

Our curriculum is bespoke and flexible, and draws on the strengths of the National Curriculum but also extends it to include the additional content that we judge is essential for the development of the whole child. We understand how children learn and a blend of both specialist and class teaching provides our pupils with an age appropriate and cohesive learning experience. In the younger year groups, class teachers teach most of the curriculum. This provides the flexibility to explore impromptu ideas and cross-curricular opportunities and creates a stronger, consistent and deeper understanding between teacher and child.

Specialist Teaching

The class teacher’s role is complemented by specialist teaching in the early years in Music, Games, ICT and French. As they move through the school, our children become inspired through progressively learning from subject specialists who radiate enthusiasm and a genuine passion for the subjects they teach. By focusing on their specialism, teachers acquire the expertise to deepen and enrich the learning experience for our children. Specialist departments assume responsibility for developing and sharing learning practices and knowledge which promote continuity in the subject curriculum across the school. By adopting innovative teaching methods our children enjoy learning and naturally acquire key life skills, becoming adept at problem solving and independent thinking. They become motivated to evaluate critically and creatively, and lessons are planned to provide opportunities for them to develop communication skills through collaborative approaches.

'Many pupils achieve well above and, in some cases, significantly above age expectations.'

Independent Schools Inspectorate, Inspection 2022

We weave a mix of tradition within a modern teaching framework and place importance on presentation, organisation and good manners. Through continuous assessment, our teachers monitor the progress made by each child and can adapt and differentiate their teaching to ensure that they maximise their potential.