Sports Partnerships

The school has long term partnerships with two community based sports clubs which not only enrich the sports provision but have also provided the school with an opportunity to work closely with local organisations and actively participate in the direct development of the facilities to the mutual benefit of the local community.

Busy Park Sports Club

In 2016, we created a partnership with the National Physical Laboratory Sports Club (NPLSC) now called Bushy Park Sports Club, which has excellent facilities and is ideally located on the borders of Bushy Park. Our pupils benefit from their excellent and well-maintained facilities and there is scope for the larger school community to enjoy our connection through the various BPSC clubs, including tennis and cricket. We have recently invested considerably in the redevelopment of the clubhouse which was completed in summer 2019.

Teddington Rugby Club

Our partnership with Teddington Rugby, the premier local community rugby club facilitates our use of their pitches and clubhouse during the rugby season. We have recently invested in an new innovative drainage system for the Barton’s Cottage pitch helping to improve the playing surface.  

Other Partnerships

Our pupils also participate in the Borough Junior Citizenship programme, which plays an important part in helping them develop as caring citizens for the future. We also allow local organisations to use our facilities for example, the Ottaker Music Trust use our music school on a regular basis for music workshops at the weekends. We also play our part in helping children in the Borough learn to ride their bicycles more safely by opening the school as a bicycle proficiency training centre during part of the summer holidays.