Community Notices

School Operations September 2020

Whilst we are pleased to have been able to welcome all the children back to school after several months of lock-down and partial return, the government framework and guidelines which set out how the school must now operate are complicated and have had a significant impact on school operations and logistics. The greatest impact for local residents will be the requirements to have children come into school using staggered starts times, so that year groups can be kept separate for distancing purposes and in prohibiting parents being able to be on the school site.

We have actively been monitoring how this impacts parents gathering and queuing both on the school forecourt and along Waldegrave Park itself and making adjustments to try to minimise the length of the process and inconvenience without compromising safety and the underlying need for the new arrangements. These include:

  • Usage of cones, tape and markings to create clear entrance and exist routes
  • Maximising the use of all entry points and exit points to the school
  • Allowing for sibling collection to avoid some parents waiting unnecessarily
  • Restricting parking facilities on the school forecourt to create maximum queuing opportunities for parents on the school premises and minimise the impact along Waldegrave Park

We have also continued to encourage parents to cycle and walk to school and have installed a number of additional cycle racks which are being very well utilised since the return to school. To explain these measure clearly and encourage social distancing we have created a designated section on the school’s communication portal clearly outlining and supporting the current government guidelines and these, as well as the school’s new operational guidelines, have been clearly communicated to parents prior to the return to school. 


Forthcoming Events:

At the moment, many of our regular events are cancelled in light of the guidance provided by the government for school operation under COVID 19.



Parents' Association Events 2020/21

Autumn Term 2020: tbc
Spring Term 2021: tb
Summer Term 2021: tbc

These events are all part of our calendar of social and fundraising events. We hope they will run smoothly and we will try to keep any disruption to a minimum. *Please do feel free to drop in to the public events to enjoy some of the entertainment we have planned.

Annual Key Dates

There are several significant dates throughout the academic year:

  • The school holds an annual Carol Service at St Mary with St Alban for Pre-Prep Children and parents and a service at St Mary’s Church in Twickenham for Prep children and parents.
  • Speech Day takes place every year on the Friday afternoon of the last day of term and all pupils in Year 3 upwards are expected to attend.

Please see out calendar for further details of forthcoming events:

School Calendar

Term Dates

No Idling

Please help us to support the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames Anti-Idling Campaign and help to make our Borough one of the cleanest and greenest boroughs in London.

LBRUT Stop Idling