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Home Learning

Wonderful images of pupils continuing their lessons remotely as part of our Home Learning programme.

        Newsreel Latest

        Spine chillers… read some of the mini-thrillers, written in just 100 words, by Year 8 boys following their study on Gothic Horror in the summer term as part of the Young Writers scary-story competition.

        Phased Return to School & September Outlook

        We welcomed back Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils last week. Read more about how we are managing the latest phased return to school and the complexities of the proposed full return in September.

        Learning in Lockdown

        Now that we are well into the third week of the remote summer term, you will be interested to hear more about how we have successfully managed to ensure the continuity of teaching, learning and the well-being of all the children during this crisis.

        Supporting Our Frontline Workers

        We continue to support some of our pupils in school whose parents are directly involved in the front-line fight against Coronavirus. They have been following our Home Learning programme as well as enjoying some novel art lessons, origami and crafts. Our sincere thanks to their parents for their vital work and all the school's key workers who are in school every day supporting them.

        Innovative Home Learning Programme

        It's been an incredible week for Home Learning at Newland House. We are so proud to currently have the largest school Webex programme in the UK which is vitally important for the continuity of learning and for providing normality and routine for our pupils during this crisis.

        Pupils recently interviewed the incoming Head, Chris Skelton. Find out about his favourite animal, hobbies and more...

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