Parents Association

The Role of the Parents’ Association 

The main aim of the Parents’ Association (PA) is to organise social events and to bring the wider school community together. They hold 5 or 6 events a year including; Fireworks night, the Christmas Fair and the Summer Fair. Alongside promoting a sense of community, these events also raise money for school projects and chosen charities, with an aim of splitting the proceeds of fundraising 50% on school projects and 50% on charities. In recent years, we have supported Skylarks, Ruils and the Hunger Project charities, and funded items such as new playground equipment for the Pre-Prep, author visits, and a young enterprise programme for older pupils in the school.

Joining the PA

Everyone who is a parent/guardian of a child at the school is a member of the PA. We are run by a Board of Trustees who are voted in annually at the AGM. At these meetings, an event and fund-raising calendar is put together and Class Reps reach out to their classes, to find volunteers to take on either individual events or a specific task at events. It’s great fun to get a group of friends together to make an event happen! All members are then invited to participate in volunteering at an event via our event website PlanSocial.

How do I become a class rep?

Three volunteer Class Representatives are chosen from each class. In reception, these are usually parents who have older children in the school so who can help parents who are new to the school. After that, anyone is welcome to volunteer! Reps usually serve for the whole school year. Class Reps attend termly meetings with the PA and with the Senior Leadership Team. Reps usually also organise termly social events for their class including informal coffee mornings and evening drinks for Mums, Dads and carers. Reps also communicate with the wider school community about volunteering for school events.

What parents say about being a Class Rep at Newland House

‘I really enjoyed being a Class Rep, it was lovely helping to promote the community aspect of school life to parents. It was a fulfilling role, as many of the events we promoted raised money for the school and for meaningful charities. It was also interesting being involved in meetings with the PA and SLT and hearing first-hand about the school vision’.

School community events

Parents at Newland House are friendly and welcoming, and the PA encourages the whole school community to help with events. Taking on one of the organising roles below will mean you are part of the event team and part of creating a vibrant school community. It is a fantastic way to get involved and have fun with other parents. If everyone takes on a role it shares the load, and gives us all a chance to get to know other parents and carers across span of the school. Getting involved through the PA also gives parents who might not have the chance to meet others at the school gate, the opportunity to make new friends and contribute to the school.

Where can I hear more?

Sign up to the Parents’ Association twitter account @NewlandHousePA for updates on events, how charities and the school are benefiting from monies raised, and to give you up to date information on any new PA initiatives.

PA Events 2021/22