Waldegrave Park

The school is based in a residential area so do allow a little time to find a parking place. We do have a visitors space for prospective parents on our forecourt but please enter this forecourt in accordance with the signage instructions and take care as pupils and parents are regularly crossing this area. 

The parking immediately outside the school is covered by 8am to 5pm No Stopping Zones as highlighted by the yellow zig-zags in the road. You MUST NOT wait or park, or stop to set down and pick up passengers, on these school entrance markings Please be aware that traffic wardens regularly patrol the area in camera cars.

The rest of Waldegrave Park and adjacent roads are covered by a Controlled Parking Zone (Zone T5)  during the hours of 10am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. We recommend that all visitors allow a little time before the visit to secure a parking place. There are Pay & Display (Ringo) bays directly opposite the school which allow two-hour parking which should give you plenty of time for your visit. There are further Pay and Display (Ringo) bays at the east end of Teddington Park Road. 

Teddington Park Road

There is limited parking available near the schools back entrance at  № 79 Teddington Park Road before 10.30am and after 4.30pm. Teddington Park Road and the roads to the south of the school are subject to a Controlled Parking Zone (T1) during the hours of 10.30am to 4.30pm. There are Pay & Display (Ringo) bays at the east end of Teddington Park Road which allow for up to 2-hour paid parking and from here it is just a 5-minute walk to the school. 

Fieldend: (West end of Waldegrave Park)

Please do not park in this road as this is access only and is patrolled by wheel clampers.

Please Park Considerately

In order to help sustain relationships with our neighbours, please do not park in front of private driveways when visiting the school or dropping off or picking up your children to or from the school. Invariably, you will block in residents' vehicles at a similar time to which they are trying to set off for or return home from work. This affects not only Waldegrave Park but Teddington Park Road as well. We would respectfully ask parents to always park considerately with due regard for our neighbours.

Please also avoid parking with any wheels on the pavement as this is an offence and some parents have been ticketed for this in the past. There are also Highway Code rules regarding not parking too near a junction as this obstructs the views of both motorists and pedestrians and is potentially dangerous as well as being illegal.

No Idling

Please help us to support the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames Anti-Idling Campaign and help to make our Borough one of the cleanest and greenest boroughs in London.

LBRUT  Stop Idling