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Visiting in Person: Who To Talk To

We understand that it is often easier to talk in person, especially if you have very specific questions about placement for your child before arranging a visit to see the school. Please do feel free to call our Admissions Manager, Jane Tosetti to talk through your requirements and find out more about the school as a first step. 

Mrs Jane Tosetti
Admissions & Marketing Manager
t: 020 8865 1305

Out of School Hours

If you want to find out more about the admissions position for your child outside of school hours please email Mrs Tosetti direct as above. We aim to come back to you within 48 hours and usually earlier. 

Visiting Us

Please see the section below or call Mrs Tosetti as above to arrange a bespoke visit to see the school.


Whole School Welcome Events

We are happy to offer a bespoke visits to see the school for those parents where we have admissions availability. Do get in touch with Mrs Tosetti who will be able to give you more information about the school and make arrangements for your visit.

Welcome events are held every month throughout term time and are led by Mr Chris Skelton, Head, Mrs Sophia Excell, Deputy Head (Pre-Prep), Mr John Maguire, Deputy Head (Prep) and Mrs Paula McIntyre, Deputy Head  (Academic). They provide an opportunity to meet key staff, tour the whole school and ask questions in a group environment. If you would like to join one of the forthcoming events please complete the request form on this page. Alternatively, please email Admissions or call 020 8865 1305 to confirm your place. If these dates are not convenient, please call so that we can arrange a bespoke appointment for you.

Individual Appointments

Individual appointments to view the Pre-Prep and Nursery (Nursery to Year 2) are offered by Mrs Sophia Excell, Deputy Head (Pre-Prep) most mornings throughout term time. We can usually arrange a consecutive appointment at the Prep (Year 3 upwards) with Mr Chris Skelton, Head on the same day.

Mr Skelton also offers appointments throughout the week for parents seeking places in Year 3 upwards. Please contact Admissions or call 020 8865 1305 to agree an appropriate date and time for your visit.


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