In order to ascertain your child’s suitability to join the school, when a place is available, we generally ask children joining in Year 3 upwards to complete an Assessment Day. The day not only provides an overview of your child’s academic potential and social development but also gives them an opportunity to experience life as a pupil. They will have breaks, lunch, lessons and games as part of a class and have time to interact with the other children and staff at the school.


Children of Pre-Prep age are asked to spend either a morning or afternoon session at the Pre-Prep School for an informal assessment. They do not have to sit a written assessment. They will join an appropriate class for their age group and the school will be establish their suitability based on their integration within the class.

Prep School

Children requiring places in Year 3 upwards, are requested to attend the school for a more formal Assessment Day. They will join a class in their current year and will attend a variety of subject lessons with the class. All the work set is appropriate for the age group and the day provides a positive opportunity for your child to show their ability in various academic areas. We will also obtain an indication of their overall potential, their ability to interact socially and observe their behaviour in class. There will also be a requirement to complete a one to one assessment.

  • One to One Assessment

The assessment identifies your child’s abilities in the core subjects of Mathematics and English. The assessment will be an age-related standardised test held in a one to one environment with a teacher and usually takes place in the afternoon of the Assessment Day. There may also be a standardised reading exercise to ascertain their current reading age.

  • In-class Assessment

Children will undertake work in the class environment, which allows the school to assess their current levels in reading, spelling and mathematics. We are also able to observe social skills and behaviour during this time.

  • Interview with the Head

Children seeking places in Year 4 upwards may be required to have an interview with the Head. The interview will take place during the course of the Assessment Day.

Special Educational Needs or Disabilities

Parents of prospective pupils must notify the school of any special educational needs or disabilities in advance of registration and must discuss with the school what adjustments could be made to accommodate their child. The school may request a full report from a doctor or educational psychologist to help determine whether it can properly fulfil its legal and moral responsibilities to the child and its contractual duties to the parents. In particular, the school will do all it reasonably can to ensure that the child can, with reasonable adjustments, access the curriculum, whether in the classroom or through other means.

Children with English as an Additional Language (EAL)

The school may admit children for whom English is an Additional Language (EAL) if, on initial assessment, it deems them able, with appropriate support, to benefit from the mainstream curriculum. The school must feel confident that it will be able to educate and develop the prospective pupil to the best of their potential and in line with the general standards achieved by their peers, to ensure that there is every chance that they will have a complete, happy and successful school career and emerge as confident, well-educated and well-rounded children.

Children will need to be assessed and any offer of a place may be subject to parents providing additional assistance in the home environment to support their learning of English, which may be through an external professional.