Transport Service

The School operates two daily bus services to assist parents whose circumstances make it difficult for them to take their children to and from school each day. These services are operated using our own vehicles and drivers. The pick-up points and timings may vary from year to year, depending on who is using the service and it may be possible to add an extra stop if there is sufficient demand.

Pupils can be booked onto the bus for one or more journeys each week at a cost of £5 per journey.  Once a pupil takes four or more single journeys, or three or more return trips per week the weekly rate applies, so the more journeys you do, the cheaper the cost per journey.

Single Journey Morning Only or Afternoon Only

Trips per Week Weekly Cost Sibling Cost
1 £5 £5
2 £10 £10
3 £15 £15
4 £19 £18
5 £19 £18
Daily Return Journey
Return Trips per Week Weekly Cost Sibling Cost
1 £10 £10
2 £20 £20
3 £30 £27
4 £30 £27
5 £30 £27

Preference will be given to those who wish to use the service every day and parents need to commit to using the bus for the same journey each week which should be booked in advance for safeguarding reasons. The service cannot be used on an adhoc basis, except in exceptional circumstances.

Children who go on the school bus are escorted to the Prep Dining hall at 3.50pm. If your child is booked to travel on the bus, then please ensure that you contact the Finance Office or Reception if your child is not going to use this service. 

The cost is reviewed annually and any increase is applied at the start of the academic year in September. To book your child onto one of our bus services or for any further information, please contact Mrs Nikki Thompson in the Finance Office (020 8865 1224).

School Bus Timetable