We place an emphasis on healthy eating and work collaboratively with our creative caterers who source the finest local ingredients. Food is freshly prepared and cooked, and the menu includes a wide variety of ingredients, cuisines and culinary styles, encouraging our pupils to try new things and enjoy a balanced diet. We also offer care to our pupils outside the school day through Wrap Around Care which provides a cooked breakfast in the morning and afternoon sandwiches and fruit. All food is prepared and cooked freshly on site each day in partnership with our specialist contract catering company Holroyd Howe

Wrap Around Care

Holroyd Howe

Holroyd Howe is a leading independent school caterer and the company brings a wealth of experience in delivering nutritious, creative food. As a strictly fresh food business, Holroyd Howe prides itself on sourcing the finest British ingredients, as locally as possible and approaches food with a no fuss attitude. Nothing processed, nothing added - just honest, delicious food every day.

Placing a strong emphasis on the health and well-being of pupils, Holroyd Howe offers menus designed to elevate nutritional standards across the board. Each day, the menu will include a wide variety of ingredients, cuisines and culinary styles, encouraging our pupils to try new things and enjoy a balanced diet.

Full of creative ideas, Holroyd Howe also run interactive food demonstrations and cookery classes for a fun, hands-on approach to food education. These might include teaching pupils how to make fresh pasta or sushi, or creating colourful recipe cards that encourage them to try new types of food, and learn about seasonality and the variety of ingredients available. The friendly catering team are experienced in handling all dietary needs and allergies and will be on hand to answer any questions you or your children might have. 

A sample of menus, which are rotated on a three weekly cycle are available on the right menu.

School Lunch Menu Summer Term 2024

Lunch Menu Week 2

Lunch Menu Week 3

Allergies & Dietary Requirements

The kitchen is a nut free environment and menus are adjusted for children with specific dietary requirements to cater for children with allergies, vegetarians and those who eat Halal meat. All children attend a sit-down lunch which they eat in the dining room with their friends. Children do not bring sandwiches into school as an alternative. They are encouraged to drink water freely throughout the day and at set times such as at snack-time, fruit-time (Pre-Prep) and lunchtime. Healthy eating is encouraged and the Pre-Prep provides a large tub of cut apples and oranges for each class. Children may also bring in their own morning break which must be in line with the schools Snack Policy.

Snack Policy

At the Pre-Prep, both Reception classes eat lunch together in the school hall. They are encouraged to eat a variety of foods and to try a little of everything. The children are given the opportunity to have a second portion of the main course and they can choose a pudding or fresh fruit. Fresh drinking water is provided at the table. The children are helped to cut up anything difficult but it is helpful that they can use a knife and fork independently before starting school. We also encourage good manners at the table.