Please note we are currently restricted by government guidance in terms of the number of events and fixtures which we can operate. new events will be added as restrictions ease during the course of the Summer Term

Forthcoming school events are detailed on the calendar below. Please use Calendar 2 for filtering and select categories from the left drop down arrow to switch off and on filtering calendars. If you simply wish to see the entire school calendar please use Calendar 1.

You can also select to view to view events by week, month or in list format (Agenda).

The  calendar is updated regularly and should you still wish to do so, you can print events (use the agenda tab to do so). However, to ensure that you have the most accurate information we would encourage you to either subscribe or refer directly to the calendar. 

NHS Summer Term Calendar 1

Filtering Calendar 2

Subscribe to the Calendar

Parents can subscribe to the calendar and view the calendar on their computer, iPhone or iPad. Once you have subscribed, changes to events and new events are automatically synced. Please select the following link to subscribe:

Link to follow shortly

Note that when you subscribe to someone else's Google Calendar, your own calendar will start showing all of their public events.