Occasional Vacancies: Years 3 to 6 (age 7 to 11)

The school has 3-form entry all the way through from Reception to Year 6 with the Nursery and Reception being the main  entry points. There are no additional defined entry points (other than Year 7 detailed below) and all children in Year 2 in the Pre-Prep automatically transfer to Year 3 in the Prep School.

Therefore,  admission into Years 3 to 6 is dependent upon the availability of occasional place only arising when an existing pupil leaves. Children seeking an occasional vacancy may register for a place and will be held on a waiting list if we are full within their year group. Once a place becomes available they will be interviewed and assessed .


Joining Year 7

Girls leave the school at the end of Year 6, aged 11. Boys, however, usually stay with us for a further two years and leave at the end of Year 8 to move into Year 9 in senior school (aged 13). The school offers an opportunity for pupils to join at the beginning of Year 7 provided that we can ensure that the transition into the prep environment is appropriate and that they can easily integrate into the school.

The entry process for senior schools in Year 9 is based on boys sitting pre-test (entrance  examinations) in January of Year 6, some two years in advance of them leaving their prep education. None the less, the school will carefully consider individual circumstances, education to date and current academic ability prior to admitting pupils into Year 7. 

We believe that staying in our child centred environment beyond Year 6 offers the opportunity for every boy to develop at his own pace and allows for a greater sense of achievement and responsibility.