Joining Reception (Age 4)

Registration for entry to Reception can be made at any time after a child has been born. Following registration you will receive written notification of your child’s admissions position.:

  • If the entry date is 2 years or more in advance and provided that there is no waiting list in operation, you will receive a Reserved Place
  • At 2 years before the Reception start point you will automatically be offered an opportunity for your child to start school earlier in the Nursery. If you chose to accept this offer and settle the deposit then your child will hold a Confirmed Place to join the school in the Nursery.
  • If you do not wish for your child to join the Nursery, then the formal offer to join the school in Reception will be offered 18 months before the Reception start date. On acceptance of the offer and payment of a deposit your child will hold a Confirmed Place.

Please also note that:

  • Entry to Reception is non-selective and is on a first come first served basis. The school currently has places for up to 60 children split across three year groups. 
  • We are likely to be operating a Waiting List for entry to Reception from around 18 months before Reception start dates and parents should consider registering once they have visited the school.
  • Pupils will automatically be offered a Nursery place one year before their Nursery start date or immediately on registration if this is later (provided that there are sufficient Nursery places remaining).

Occasional Vacancies: Year 1 & 2  (Age 5 to 7)

The school has 3-form entry all the way through from Reception to Year 6 with the Nursery and Reception being the main entry points. There are no additional defined entry points (other than Year 7 ) and all children in Year 2 in the Pre-Prep automatically transfer to Year 3 in the Prep School.

Therefore,  admission into Years 3 to 6 is dependent upon the availability of occasional places which only arise when an existing pupil leaves. Children seeking an occasional vacancy may register for a place and will be held on a waiting list if we are full within their year group.

Entry to the school in Years 1 and 2 is non-selective but if a place is available we will usually arrange for the child to have a taster session prior to confirming their place.

We provide an innovative, welcoming and secure environment where children can develop their style of learning and explore the breadth of curriculum offered to them.