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Overseas Nationals

Overseas nationals entering the UK, who wish to apply for a place must have a right of abode or the conditions of their immigration status must permit them to access UK education.

Children aged under 18 are classed as dependant children if they are the children of foreign nationals who have settled status in the UK, or who are entering the UK on a work visa or Student visa, or who are part of a family entering or residing in the UK under the immigration route for British National (Overseas) citizens and their dependants. These children are entitled to enter the country with their family, or to join their family and study at a state-funded or independent school once in the UK.

Please note that the school is unable to sponsor unaccompanied children who are entering on a Child Student visa or Student visa.

Foreign nationals cannot use the 6-month Standard Visitor visa, or 11-month Short-term Study (English language) visa, to enter the UK to enrol as a pupil at the school.


The main entry point to the school is to Reception in September each year. All children registered for Reception are also automatically eligible to receive an offer to join the Nursery. 

Children start Nursery in the September following their third birthday which is the year prior to joining Reception. For example, entry to the nursery in September 2020, your child must be three on or before 31st August 2020. They will then transition into school in Reception the following year aged four. 

Nursery places are offered on a first come first served basis one year before the nursery start date. There is no additional registration process for the Nursery. On registration your child will automatically be offered a place in the Nursery 12 months before the Nursery start date. If the Nursery start date is less that 12 months away and provided that places are remain available, they will be offered a Nursery place immediately.

Please note that a place in Reception is not dependent on accepting a place in the Nursery.

Children join Reception in the September following their fourth birthday. For example, entry to the school in Reception in September 2020 your child must be four on or before 31st August 2020.

Boys may be considered for entry into Year 7. This will be dependent on their education to date, expectations with regard to senior school placement and subject to assessment. We also have occasional vacancies across other year groups from time to time.

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Special Educational Needs or Disabilities

Parents of prospective pupils must notify the school of any special educational needs or disabilities in advance of registration and must discuss with the school what adjustments could be made to accommodate their child. The school may request a full report from a doctor or educational psychologist to help determine whether it can properly fulfil its legal and moral responsibilities to the child and its contractual duties to the parents. In particular, the school will do all it reasonably can to ensure that the child can, with reasonable adjustments, access the curriculum, whether in the classroom or through other means.

Children with English is an Additional Language (EAL)

The school may admit children for whom English is an Additional Language (EAL) if, on initial assessment, it deems them able, with appropriate support, to benefit from the mainstream curriculum. The school must feel confident that it will be able to educate and develop the prospective pupil to the best of their potential and in line with the general standards achieved by their peers, to ensure that there is every chance that they will have a complete, happy and successful school career and emerge as confident, well-educated and well-rounded children.

Children will need to be assessed and any offer of a place may be subject to parents providing additional assistance in the home environment to support their learning of English, which may be through an external professional.