We have a deep commitment to developing the whole child and maintaining a balanced curriculum where children’s personal development is absolutely prioritised. 

‘‘Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.’’

Benjamin Franklin

We provide an extensive and balanced curriculum which is vital for stimulating young, enquiring minds and which gives equal opportunity for the musician, artist or sportsman to become as valued as a linguist or scientist.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”


Our Prep curriculum evolves each year to reflect the changing developmental needs of our pupils. We utilise the key skills of discovery, application and communication to explore each subject area and provide opportunities for children to practice problem solving and collaborative learning.

“Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.’’

William Arthur Ward

We place a strong emphasis on enriching our curriculum to extend the academic, artistic and physical elements of learning. Extracurricular opportunities are offered at many levels and help our pupils to extend their learning and acquire essential life and people skills which cannot be acquired from the classroom environment alone.

“Let's go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday.’’

Steve Jobs

In our celebrated Design Technology department, inventive ideas are nurtured and pupils relish finding solutions to challenging design projects. With careful support, our children gain confidence in making their ideas a reality.

“No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings''.

William Blake

We have excellent experience in guiding and supporting pupils through their transition to senior school. By helping them develop confidence, self-awareness and empathy, they leave us as well-rounded and resilient children prepared for the journey ahead.


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The well-being and personal development of our pupils underpins our ethos and permeates throughout the school. We understand that children develop confidence and flourish only when they feel safe and valued, and we continually seek to provide a secure and fair environment in which they can do this. 

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Through playing sport and physical exercise, pupils gain confidence, learn the value of being part of a team and become competent in a range of physical skills. We offer a varied and balanced programme which caters for all abilities with involvement and enjoyment at its core. 

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We ensure that all our children have equal access to learning, educational opportunities and experiences. We provide a balanced platform for pupils to explore their potential, develop mutual respect and achieve the highest possible standards.

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We inspire our pupils to explore new experiences, nurture their talents and help them to fulfill their potential. Through music and the Arts our children learn how to express the imaginative, creative and individual aspects of their character.

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We place a strong emphasis on enriching our curriculum and opportunities are offered at many levels which help our pupils to extend their learning and acquire essential life and interpersonal skills which cannot be acquired from the classroom environment alone. 

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We readily embrace advances in our changing world to ensure that our pupils are adequately equipped to take advantage of developments in technology which impact on their lives both at home and in school.

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Happening Now

School Site Update

The school site is closed from January 2021 until the February half term in line with the latest government guidance (COVID-19). 

During this time we regret that we are unable to host group school tours. Instead, we are happy to offer a bespoke visit to see the school for those parents where we have place availability from late February 2021.

Do get in touch with Mrs Tosetti (admissions@newlandhouse.net) who will be able to give you more information about the school and give you more advice on visiting when circumstance allow.


Despite COVID restrictions, whether they are local tiers or national lockdowns, our admissions service is fully operational. Mrs Tosetti, our Admissions Manager is happy to talk with you regarding admissions to the school at any time so please do get in touch:

020 8865 1305 or admissions@newlandhouse.net.

Please also follow our social media accounts (see icons at bottom of this page) as we will continue to keep these filled with lots of information about the school.


Do get in touch if you would like to visit the school. All visits are by appointment and available most days of the week. You can request your tour now by following the link below:



Jane Tosetti

Following extensive research, we have recently enhanced our Year 7 and 8 provision to ensure that pupils can develop the essential, stand-out skills now being demanded by many of the biggest companies and employers.

Return to Home Learning: Update

Following a relatively straightforward autumn term, children and staff switched back to online learning in January and once more our successful Home Learning Programme is in full swing at Newland House.

If you were following our news over the course of the last year, you will recall that in response to the first lock-down we established the largest schools WebEx programme in the UK in the space of just a few days. 

Our focus this term has been on how to maintain children’s engagement. We accept that because of the differences between learning in school and at home we cannot simply replicate the existing school day. Children cannot mentally or physically engage with online lessons for that length of time and we have carefully re-evaluated year group timetables to find an appropriate and manageable balance which best fosters concentration. 



    Newsland !

    As part of their extra-curricular afternoon one group of Year 7 and 8 pupils have chosen to follow our News and Current Affairs module and are now producing a weekly edition of Newsland which is shared across the school.